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About WP Proactive

WP Proactive is a service of 7 Mile Web Studio.  Our staff has been working in the Technology business for 35 years.  First we worked IT systems for a major American retailer programming in-store point-of-sale systems. Then we became involved in public education teaching and assisting with new technologies in the classroom.  We moved into Search Engine Optimization with a local company in the early 2000’s. Now we are serving a variety of online businesses with site maintenance services specifically designed with WordPress in mind.

There are some interesting statistics showing that WordPress holds anywhere from 51 to 58 percent of the CMS market.  In 2018, WordPress was used in around 27% of sites on the internet.  That’s huge.

With this popularity comes a very important need to keep your WordPress site as safe and secure as possible.  WP Proactive specializes in work with small business websites by helping with site maintenance services that fit the your budget.

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